Chromebook, Shiny or not?

ms-_farrell_grade_4_cropped(Chromebooks – Google Search)

Chromebooks being used in schools have become much more popular over the past years. Many schools today have been issuing chromebooks to students, or even just having them in their classrooms which supports inspires technological innovations. These Chromebooks have affected many different schools in a positive way. Teachers should certainly consider adding chromebooks to their arsenal of learning tools.

Do you think having your own Chromebook would make things much easier?  You can access online books instead of carrying a bunch of heavy books around all day. All you need is your chromebook, and you will have all your books right in front of you.  What about the physical aspects of having a Chromebook over carrying books? Kids will have less neck and back problems because they’ll have less weight to carry around. For most people, typing something up is easier and faster than needing a notebook and pencil and writing it down. Work is backed up on a server through google apps so that the work is not only accessible but also the user can access prior revisions rather than the need to save hard copy drafts  Google Is Crushing Apple, Microsoft in US Schools).  

What about forward thinking and more uses in the future for chromebooks?  They would allow for no more missed school days due to inclement weather because teachers could conduct online classes through webcasts, or google hangout, instead of having to makeup an extra days and extending the school year into the summer which will make kids much happier.

The need for speed? By everyone having a Chromebook means all students will always have access to their email or google classroom in case a teacher wants to send out a reminder or post a worksheet they forgot to give out in class. Changes and updates are made instantly and communicated in real time.

Teachers will no longer have to be concerned about students having computers at home to work on class assignments. They also no longer have to worry about printing materials and passing them out to each and every student (Chromebooks in the Classroom).  Teachers can simply push out all assignments in digital format to all of their students Chromebooks for Education: For Every Student). In addition to using digital format as opposed to hard copies, our environment will also benefit from not wasting valuable resources and adding to our growing landfill with wasted paper. Changes can be made on the fly and students can be updated instantaneously.

What do Chromebooks cost and are there savings realized? Chromebooks aren’t very pricey for schools to afford in comparison to other schools offering students macbooks or iPads. Chromebooks are offered at an excellent price point as compared to an apple macbook.  For example, the retail price of a Chromebook is about $270.00 and the retail price of an entry level apple macbook is about $1,300.  Although some schools can afford to have Chromebooks, others cannot. (MacBook Pro) (The Good, the Bad, and the Truth of Using Chromebooks in Education).

Although these chromebooks are helpful in many ways, it has some risks associate to using technology. Some students may not take having their own Chromebook seriously. They could certainly misuse them by playing games or use them other ways and be distracted in class. Technical issues with chromebooks could arise at times and hold up students or the entire class until they are resolved. For example, the wifi might be down that day, or someone didn’t charge their Chromebook, or the server/internet connection may be really slow. Overall, teachers should really consider having chromebooks available to the students to make things easier and enjoyable from a teaching perspective and also from a learning perspective. What do you think?


Here are some links to videos that explain why having a google chromebook would make education much easier, faster and more fun!

Find out why chromebooks for education are for all students:


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