OMG, where’s my phone?????

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Cell phones have made a huge impact on people’s lives today, and over the years, they’ve become more and more advanced. For a lot of people, having a cell phone is for contacting friends and family, using social media, playing games, listening to music, etc. However, cell phones can even save people’s lives. They make communicating with people much easier and faster. Our lives and our businesses have increased at lightning speed.

What can they be used for?

Cell phones aren’t just good use for communicating, but also a GPS (global positioning system) to track people or a GPS to get directions to get somewhere. Not long ago, when iOS 8 came out, iPhone’s debuted a ‘Find My Friends’ app which allows you to track where other people are, as long as you have it shared with each other (Apple). This tracking app may even help you find someone who is missing or in trouble and potentially save their life (Home).

  • communicating
  • GPS
  • Find My Friends

How have they advanced?

Cell phone has become much more advanced over the past years, especially when it comes to medical reasons. “Patients are more likely to survive when emergency

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 services are called from a mobile phone rather than a landline, a new study published in the Journal of Emergency Medicine has found” (Mobile Phones Proven to save Lives in Emergencies).  It is a proven fact that using a cell phone rather than a landline phone has a greater chance of saving your life when it comes to emergency situations. “They found around 137 more lives are saved per 100,000 patients when emergency services are called from a mobile phone in the critical moments after the onset of an acute illness or injury compared to a landline phone”  (Mobile Phones Proven to save Lives in Emergencies).

What are some important uses?

It is very important to keep ICE (in case of emergency) contacts in your phone, in case something ever happened to you and someone needed to contact your family. The ICE contacts would especially come in handy when you have a passcode on your phone, without it, the person could not access your contacts. Weather apps could also come in good use when it comes to bad weather conditions. It is important to know the weather forecast. You can track a tornado or hurricane right on your phone just by downloading a weather app (Cell Phones Are Handy Tools in Emergency Situations). Has a cell phone ever saved you or someone you know in a critical situation?

  • ICE contacts
  • Weather apps

Today’s cell phones

It is very important to have a cell phone in today’s society. Before cell phone technology, society was able to carry on with normal day to day activities, however, communications were aDisplaying IMG_7566.JPGt a much slower pace. Cell phones aren’t necessary but they add a level of comfort, convenience and safety. It certainly changed the way we live our lives today. Communication is much quicker and information is shared in an instant and we rely on it to make our lives better. What would you do without your cell phone today? Think about it for a minute, would your life be better off or worse without all the conveniences, technology and benefits that a phone brings to your life?

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