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Your personal Magic Carpet Ride

Google’s Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are becoming visible in today’s society. Just like people, these cars are constantly asking questions to be safe. Such as, asking where they are, what’s around them, and what will happen next (Google Self-Driving Car Project). The technology has grown and making it a reality is just around the corner.

Drunk Driving

Although that technology is cool, it still isn’t perfect. There are some risks involved in terms of accidents and even loss of life. Nothing has changed, you are always supposed to be in control of your vehicle regardless of animation (Drinking And Driving .Org – Behind the Wheel). Whether you are driving the car, or having the car drive you, you are still responsible for the vehicle and you should never be intoxicated behind the wheel. Even though the automation in a convenience, you always need to be in control of the vehicle. You can still be arrested for DUI’s if you are impaired (Drinking And Driving .Org – Behind the Wheel). Full automation is not possible at this time, but it may be in the future and also the need for the operator to be responsible may also change at that time.

Image result for self driving car

Google’s Self-Driving Car


Handicapped people also find the automatic cars exciting and useful. No longer do handicapped people rely on others to make it to somewhere they have to be. They don’t have to wait for rides to the doctors or medical appointments. They’re in development of a program for self driving cars to be safe for even blind people. The program describes the vision to a blind driver and sends warnings to them through vibrations and other ways (Self-driving Cars Seen as a Boon for People with Disabilities). How do you think that would make the handicapped people feel?

Delivering Companies

Delivering companies, such as UPS or Federal Express with have a much easier job with self driving cars, to deliver everything to where it needs to be.  There are many different ways the anImage result for self driving car testanimation can work when it comes to trucks. “A big problem is when trucks come off of curves, they go a little bit too fast, and if they’re going too fast, they roll over. This technology reads the speed and knows the weight so it’ll start to apply brakes in different spots”(UPS Talks Drone Delivery, Self-Driving Trucks and Alternative Fuels). Down the road when full automation takes place over time and it does not require human interaction, that’s when companies will really be saving money to not have to employ a driver to sit behind the wheel and deliver (UPS Talks Drone Delivery, Self-Driving Trucks and Alternative Fuels).

  • Saves Money
  • Saves Time
  • Saves Lives

California’s Draft

California is one state that is going to make it tough for self driving cars to be legal. “Google is disappointed by California draft regulations that would exclude fully self-driving cars from the roadways, despite strong public support, especially among people with disabilities” (Self-driving Cars Seen as a Boon for People with Disabilities).

Having automated vehicles would absolutely add a convenience to today’s lifestyle. It would make traveling much easier and safer and the number of accidents would decrease. How would a self-driving car change your life?


Attached, I have a video made my google showing their self-driving car can do:

(Google Self-Driving Car on City Streets)

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OMG, where’s my phone?????

Displaying IMG_7570.JPG

Cell phones have made a huge impact on people’s lives today, and over the years, they’ve become more and more advanced. For a lot of people, having a cell phone is for contacting friends and family, using social media, playing games, listening to music, etc. However, cell phones can even save people’s lives. They make communicating with people much easier and faster. Our lives and our businesses have increased at lightning speed.

What can they be used for?

Cell phones aren’t just good use for communicating, but also a GPS (global positioning system) to track people or a GPS to get directions to get somewhere. Not long ago, when iOS 8 came out, iPhone’s debuted a ‘Find My Friends’ app which allows you to track where other people are, as long as you have it shared with each other (Apple). This tracking app may even help you find someone who is missing or in trouble and potentially save their life (Home).

  • communicating
  • GPS
  • Find My Friends

How have they advanced?

Cell phone has become much more advanced over the past years, especially when it comes to medical reasons. “Patients are more likely to survive when emergency

Image result for call accident with somebody calling 911


 services are called from a mobile phone rather than a landline, a new study published in the Journal of Emergency Medicine has found” (Mobile Phones Proven to save Lives in Emergencies).  It is a proven fact that using a cell phone rather than a landline phone has a greater chance of saving your life when it comes to emergency situations. “They found around 137 more lives are saved per 100,000 patients when emergency services are called from a mobile phone in the critical moments after the onset of an acute illness or injury compared to a landline phone”  (Mobile Phones Proven to save Lives in Emergencies).

What are some important uses?

It is very important to keep ICE (in case of emergency) contacts in your phone, in case something ever happened to you and someone needed to contact your family. The ICE contacts would especially come in handy when you have a passcode on your phone, without it, the person could not access your contacts. Weather apps could also come in good use when it comes to bad weather conditions. It is important to know the weather forecast. You can track a tornado or hurricane right on your phone just by downloading a weather app (Cell Phones Are Handy Tools in Emergency Situations). Has a cell phone ever saved you or someone you know in a critical situation?

  • ICE contacts
  • Weather apps

Today’s cell phones

It is very important to have a cell phone in today’s society. Before cell phone technology, society was able to carry on with normal day to day activities, however, communications were aDisplaying IMG_7566.JPGt a much slower pace. Cell phones aren’t necessary but they add a level of comfort, convenience and safety. It certainly changed the way we live our lives today. Communication is much quicker and information is shared in an instant and we rely on it to make our lives better. What would you do without your cell phone today? Think about it for a minute, would your life be better off or worse without all the conveniences, technology and benefits that a phone brings to your life?

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Is That Really You??!

What is an identity Theft?

An identity thief pretends to be you to take over or open new accounts, file fake tax returns, rent or buy properties, or do other criminal things in your name (Identity Theft Protection – Avoid ID & Credit Fraud | LifeLock). There has been many issues with credit card identities being stolen. There are many things you should be aware of when you are making a purchase somewhere. Such as, gas stations, atm machines, restaurants and department stores (Identity Theft Resource Center).

How is this happening?

How are these identities being stolen? In some cases, these people look through the trash to find your discarded billing statements and use your information to buy things off of your credit card. If a bank website gets hacked, your credit card number can be stolen that way too. If you go to a restaurant, your waiter could take a picture of your card and use your account (Consumer Information).  There are many other ways people can steal your credit card number.

How can you protect your credit card?

You should always be aware of your surroundings. When you no longer need your card, you should shred it before you throw it away (Consumer Information). Credit card owners should never let someone borrow your credit card, because you never know who you can trust. You should never write your account number on the outside on an envelope. Lastly, you should always keep your eye on your card (Consumer Information).


What should you do?

After someone stole your credit card identity, there are several critical steps you should follow.

  1. First, call your credit card company.
  2. Next, you should contact the credit bureaus.
  3. Then, you should file a report with the federal trade commission.
  4. Lastly, you should talk to your bank (About My Money).

Identity theft is often times discovered by credit card companies. Credit cards are stolen and multiple charges occur over a short period of time or large purchases are made and the credit card company declines charges until the cardholder contacts the credit card company (Identity Theft and Cybercrime). There are companies out there who specialize in protecting your identity, such as Lifelock. Lifelock offers three layers of protection: detects unauthorized use, alerts the owner and restores the customer’s account (Identity Theft Protection – Avoid ID & Credit Fraud | LifeLock).

In the past six years, identity theft has amounted to 112 billion dollars. Identity theft is a major problem that continues today (Identity Theft and Cybercrime). And thieves are constantly looking for new ways to continue this practice.


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Chromebook, Shiny or not?

ms-_farrell_grade_4_cropped(Chromebooks – Google Search)

Chromebooks being used in schools have become much more popular over the past years. Many schools today have been issuing chromebooks to students, or even just having them in their classrooms which supports inspires technological innovations. These Chromebooks have affected many different schools in a positive way. Teachers should certainly consider adding chromebooks to their arsenal of learning tools.

Do you think having your own Chromebook would make things much easier?  You can access online books instead of carrying a bunch of heavy books around all day. All you need is your chromebook, and you will have all your books right in front of you.  What about the physical aspects of having a Chromebook over carrying books? Kids will have less neck and back problems because they’ll have less weight to carry around. For most people, typing something up is easier and faster than needing a notebook and pencil and writing it down. Work is backed up on a server through google apps so that the work is not only accessible but also the user can access prior revisions rather than the need to save hard copy drafts  Google Is Crushing Apple, Microsoft in US Schools).  

What about forward thinking and more uses in the future for chromebooks?  They would allow for no more missed school days due to inclement weather because teachers could conduct online classes through webcasts, or google hangout, instead of having to makeup an extra days and extending the school year into the summer which will make kids much happier.

The need for speed? By everyone having a Chromebook means all students will always have access to their email or google classroom in case a teacher wants to send out a reminder or post a worksheet they forgot to give out in class. Changes and updates are made instantly and communicated in real time.

Teachers will no longer have to be concerned about students having computers at home to work on class assignments. They also no longer have to worry about printing materials and passing them out to each and every student (Chromebooks in the Classroom).  Teachers can simply push out all assignments in digital format to all of their students Chromebooks for Education: For Every Student). In addition to using digital format as opposed to hard copies, our environment will also benefit from not wasting valuable resources and adding to our growing landfill with wasted paper. Changes can be made on the fly and students can be updated instantaneously.

What do Chromebooks cost and are there savings realized? Chromebooks aren’t very pricey for schools to afford in comparison to other schools offering students macbooks or iPads. Chromebooks are offered at an excellent price point as compared to an apple macbook.  For example, the retail price of a Chromebook is about $270.00 and the retail price of an entry level apple macbook is about $1,300.  Although some schools can afford to have Chromebooks, others cannot. (MacBook Pro) (The Good, the Bad, and the Truth of Using Chromebooks in Education).

Although these chromebooks are helpful in many ways, it has some risks associate to using technology. Some students may not take having their own Chromebook seriously. They could certainly misuse them by playing games or use them other ways and be distracted in class. Technical issues with chromebooks could arise at times and hold up students or the entire class until they are resolved. For example, the wifi might be down that day, or someone didn’t charge their Chromebook, or the server/internet connection may be really slow. Overall, teachers should really consider having chromebooks available to the students to make things easier and enjoyable from a teaching perspective and also from a learning perspective. What do you think?


Here are some links to videos that explain why having a google chromebook would make education much easier, faster and more fun!

Find out why chromebooks for education are for all students:


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